Ethnic Cleansing of Buddhists

  There is a conspiracy to carnage Buddhists, also implemented by the Catholic intelligence. The number of Buddhist youth killed during the revolt of 1971 are around 17000. The Buddhist youth slain during the 1988-89 insurgency is about 60000. Compare this with the total number killed during the 20 year battle from 1983 to 2004 in North, which are around 60000.

In 1989, in Mahawatta, a village in the Kandy District, 280 Buddhists were killed during one single night. No human rights groups raised a voice on this issue.

  There are efforts to kill infants by injecting toxic injections and other toxics in private and government hospitals as reported by the Buddhist intelligence. This is targeting not only the infants, but also the elders. The number of killed children in 2004 is about 2624 and the number of grown ups are 27314.
  There are plots to kill Buddhists by organized accidents. There were 59644 accidents in 2003 which killed 2096 Buddhists.
  The bus-train collision of Ahungalla which killed 45 children and injured 85 on 17th January 1989 seems to be an organised one. The Train-Bus collision of Alwawa Yangalmodera in April 2005 killing 35 people may be a planned one, as reported by intelligence.