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We deepest sympathize for the deceased persons and casualties due to the suicide bombs which blasted on past 21st April.

Although it has been revealed by the Media that the responsibility of this blast was admitted by the ISIS organization, it has been confirmed by the Buddhist Intelligence service that the responsibility for this blast should be taken by the British Intelligence service (MI 5).Though the Government Intelligence service is controlled by the catholic officers, I interpret it as a Buddhist Intelligence service which is a small group.

It is proved that all Muslims terrorist activities in the world are operated by the British Intelligence serviceand C I A.

It appears that ministers Hareen Fernando, Ravi karunanayake, and Jhon Amarathunga had known earlier on the Easter Sunday Bomb blast as they were not participating the divine service.

British Intelligence Service expects create another war in between Muslims and Sinhalese in the country like the thirty years war created by them by conflicting the Sinhala and Tamil nations.

Vijith Arunasiri Bandulahewa
Leader and Secretary
Bodujaya Sena Party