Infecting Business

  Not only the Buddhists, but many people of the world suffer from day to day infected diseases. Most of these germs are made by the multi national companies who are in the business of manufacturing drugs, although no one believes. For instance, we can point out AIDS, filarial, dengue, polio, cholera, malaria etc. The infection of the diseases is carried out by the intelligence services. The multinational companies earn billions of rupees from selling drugs to cure these infections. It is possible to suggest that the intelligence can change the sugar level, fat level and cholesterol level without touching the body of a person. When people are infected with these, governments have to import medicine. Abnormal thinness and fatness are also caused by the same way. After it people have to cure with hormones after such thing happens.

Most of these diseases are cured with immunization too. These are also manufactured by the multi national companies. There arises a need of exercise machinery and the medicine for the cure of stoutness. Weakening of eyesight generates a market for contact lenses and spectacles and weakening of hearing generates a market for hearing aids. Italian companies supply majority of the frames needed for the spectacles.

  One another important thing is that cancers are also artificially generated disease. Governments have to expend billions of rupees to medicine and equipments to cure this disease. All this become income for the multi national companies. The intelligence services have the technology to alter any organ of the human body. Doctors have to treat people who are infected by this. Even bypass operations and kidney operations could be named as such.
  If we gain the power of the country, we cure all the diseases of the people and make a healthy nation and also compensate the people who suffered form these.