The North Crisis

  This is a result of a conspiracy which is being planned for years by the British and Sri Lanka government intelligence services aiming to divide Sri Lanka. India was divided in the name of peace and innocence in 1947 after making leaders like Mohammad Ali Jinna for Muslims and Mahatma Ghandi for Hindus. Lord Mountbatten played a key role in this and it was a British conspiracy.
  The same programme is implemented here in Sri Lanka. The plan is to divide this country after separating the Sinhalese and Tamil nationals, forming the LTTE tigers and by a political solution in the name of peace and innocence. This problem worsened after the Black July in 1983. This was planned by the government catholic intelligence service. It was aimed to separate and divide the Sinhalese and the Tamils.
  Government Catholic intelligence service was so called as the majority of it consist of Catholics. Although majority of the country’s armed forces are Sinhalese Buddhist officers, government intelligence service consist of Catholics. If we compare the intelligence service as a squid, its head is Catholic and the tentacles are Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims.
  Our intelligence service is a product of the British and Catholics loyal to them are ebing employed in it. There are few Buddhists in the service and they can be named as Buddhist intelligence service.
  Government Catholic intelligence service is acting against Buddhists and has joined with tigers to divide the country. An intelligence service is a government within government.
  The cause for the failure to combat the tigers which has manpower of 5000 for the last 20 years after 1983 due to the support given by the intelligence service to the tigers.
  Tigers have attacked to devastate the economy of the country with the support of the government catholic intelligence service. The attacks on the central bank, Katunayaka Air port, oil storage facility of Kolonnawa are such attacks. The damage caused by these attacks is billions of rupees worth.
  The defeats in battles like Poonaryn, Mullaitivu and Elephant Pass in the north are also because of the loyalty intelligence service to the tigers.
  The reason for the inability to defeat the tigers in the fight after the 1987 Indo-Lanka pact was that high rankers of the Indian RAW intelligence were being Catholics and they had provided information to the tigers. This was the reason why India was facilitating the tigers in the early days of the war.

From the Avro aeroplane blown in 1978 at Ratmalana airport to the Antonov blown in the skies of Jaffna in 1994, a total of 31 aeroplanes were lost. The passengers of these are mostly the military officers serving at the northern frontiers. It is said that these planes were blown not by the tigers but by the government Catholic intelligence as reported by the government Buddhist intelligence sources.


The political killings during the last decade are still mysteries because those were planned by this government catholic intelligence and executed by the tigers. These include

  1. Killing of Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali, a former minister of defence
  2. Killing of Mr. R. Premadasa, President
  3. Killing of Mr. Ranjan Wiheratne, the Defence Minister
  4. Killing of Mr. Gamini Dissanayake, Presidential Candidate
  The possible reason for the killings was that they were acting against the tigers. It could be possible to believe that the plot to kill President Chandrika Kumaratunga was also a plan and conspiracy of these two organizations.
  The responsibility of the massacre of 650 police officers in the eastern province after the beginning of the second Ealam war on 13th June 1990 after they surrendered to the tigers, should go to this intelligence service.
  It is possible to believe that the deaths of Major General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Brigadier Wijaya Wimalaratne and Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha on 8th August 1992 were also a plan of this government Catholic intelligence service. The death of Major General Kobbekaduwa was due to the delay of bringing him to Colombo for 3 hours. There are reports that the killing of the Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar was carried out with the support of this intelligence service.
  Most recently the death occurred to Charles Wijewardene S.P., Jaffna was also a plan of the intelligence executed through the tigers. He has been involved in this incident following the wrong guideline issued by a senior officer.
  The murders of Major Muthalif and several other intelligence officers were also due to handing over of information by these officers to the tigers from the officers of the intelligence.

The ceasefire agreement signed when Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe was prime minister gave way to involve freely in killings. Norway is facilitating to the dividing the country in the programme and working loyal to the tigers. Incumbent president Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s acceptance of Norway as peace brokers is showing signs of the success of the conspiracy of the British and government Catholic Intelligence to divide the country. 115 soldiers have been killed after the presidential elections in November 2005 in four incidents. The reason to this is the speed the political solution from Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha.

  The solution of our party to this crisis is to defeat the tigers militarily and include them to the democratic politics. We refuse the idea that the tigers can not be defeated. To do this, it is needed to remove the anti-Buddhist and tiger-loyal Catholic officers form the intelligence. It is also possible to strengthen the Navy and protect the marine boundaries and restrict the movements of the tigers. It is a major advantage that our country is surrounded by the ocean.