Sterilizing Buddhists

  The recent additions to the nations faced extinction are the Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus. The sterilizing conspiracy of Sinhala Buddhists started in 1971. Most of the youth who surrendered to the government at the revolt of 1971 were rehabilitated and released after sterilizing them secretly. It has been reported by the government Buddhist intelligence that people of the Karandeniya electorate were sterilized during the 1986-87 by the Catholic intelligence service. Statistics reveal that about 2 million Buddhist males island wide were sterilized by 1999. 769 Buddhist schools are closed due to the lack of children by September 1999. This will increase up to 3500 by 2005.

This is a plot implemented by the government Catholic Intelligence service. The drugs and technology for this is provided by Australian government intelligence service that has used this technology to sterile the indigenous populations of their country.

  Other nations faced an extinction threat include the Red Indians of America, Maori national of New Zealand, Black Africans and Tamil Hindus of India and aborigines of Austrailia.
  AIDS virus has been used by the CIA intelligence to implement the plot to wipe out Black Africans and Tamil Hindus. It has been reported that the AIDS virus has been fabricated by the CIA.
  The total number of deaths due to AIDS virus is about 20 million by 2005. About 100000 die annually due to this in Africa. The total number of infected in Africa are 25.4 millions and in India it is 5.2 millions. It has been reported that the majority of the AIDS victims are in Jaffna.

There is a plot to shorten the Sinhala Buddhist apart from sterilizing. The authorities had to reduce the minimum height requirement for the army was reduced from 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 2 inches within a decade, because the number of youth who fulfil this height requirement decreased.