Tsunami and Floods are not Natural Hazards


Our country and the Asia is controlled by Catholic intelligence services. The reason for this is the countries were under the British before their independence. All the Buddhists, Hindu and Muslim people of these countries are controlled by this intelligence. Therefore there is no voice against this power. India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives are such countries, except Indonesia, who was a colony of Holland, which is not a Catholic country.


These intelligences have the technology to control sea waves, to generate artificial rains and to make cyclones. The damage caused by the recent tsunami is not insignificant. It killed 15000 Buddhists, 15000 Muslims and 10000 Hindus. But the number of Catholics killed was very few. This killed about 150000 in Indonesia. Thailand and India are among other countries which suffered form this catastrophic event.

  One more interesting thing  is that Sumatra island has not suffered any earthquakes n the history and therefore it is not situated in such area. The lack of damage to the Diago Garcia Island is also questionable. (there is a US military camp in this island.)

The damages caused by the floods in America brought havoc mainly for the black Americans. This reveals that these environmental weapons are used against black Americans.

  Floods not only kill people, but only damage the paddy cultivation of the country. The floods caused on Vedsak full moon Poya day of 2003 devastated the entire Southern province. However we knew that rains are possible on any Vesak Poya day and hence covered the Vesak lanterns by using polythene. (Bauddhaloka Mawatha and the University of Katubedda)